PC98 Touhou Patches!

For many years have we waited for the PC-98 Touhou patch to be completed. Sure there have been translations on the internet, but never before has it been put into the game itself!
I can’t say thank you enough to the team that have spent many hard working hours to bring us this treat from the past.

Download Links:,13903.0.html
There is also a pre-patched version available here:

Yukari is up next!

Looks like another amazing 3D Touhou battle is emerging from MinusT and this time it is Reimu + Marisa vs Yukari.

The aesthetic attention to detail he puts into these video’s is remarkable. Any experienced Touhou player should quite easily be able to spot out each and every individual spell card that’s being elegantly spewed out across the field, implying you got to the phantasmal stage that is~

Check out his YouTube Channel to see some brilliant scarlet devil mansion and perfect cherry blossom battles rendered in 3D.