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ZUN is having a child!

The child of ZUN?



Wife should be on maternity leave from May. There is no work and only about to tweet at a loose end is the wife is making dinner

My my, it looks like ZUN is having a child, the next generation of ZUN has begun! I wonder what hat he’ll give his child? Alas, hopefully he’ll still have the time to create Touhou games.

Only time will tell~ Congratulations.

Day 12 Touhou Challenge, Oddest touhou... ZZZZZZUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Day 12 – Oddest headcanon/fanon you’ve heard of any Touhou

Oddest fanon? With such extreme bastardisations of the characters you couldn’t possibly begin to fathom what would be the most oddest.
You have comedic sketches portraying the scarlet sisters as children, series where Reimu is silent and kind, psychotic death-traps of Koishi having a ‘heart-throbbing adventure’ and even bizarre wrestling events.

Yukkuri shiteitte ne!

If I had to nail it on the head, it would probably be that crazy import of ZUN into Gensokyo having him as the most powerful God.