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Day 22 Touhou Challenge, The Touhou with the best ability, the God and creator of Makai. Shinki!

Day 22 – Touhou with the best ability

The God and creator of Makai, Shinki-sama.

Yumeko, Maid to MakaiA God with the sheer power to create an entire realm along with it’s inhabitants is a remarkable ability. Sure there are many fun and rather unusual powers that many Touhou’s poses, but very few are on the level of a God. Not to mention she has a wonderful maid at her side who rather than stabbing you with a knife, uses entire swords! It’s probably best not to anger or invaid Makai for your own safety.

Day 14 Touhou Challenge, Favourite PC-98 Character, Shinki-sama~

Day 14 – Favourite PC-98 Touhou

I already stated my Favourite Touhou is Mima, but Shinki is closely followed for the PC-98 era.
It might sound rather commonplace for Shinki or Mima to be fan favourites, though for me it’s mostly from my sheer enjoyment of Mystic Square as you’ll find Yuki just behind Shinki in my favourites.

I mean, what kind of God organises a tourist agency in Makai so demons can go on holiday to the human world of Gensokyo? Needless to say it exploded Reimu’s anger as Shinki had them pour out just behind her shrine~

Day 11 Touhou Challenge, Touhou with the best backstory: Dear Alice~

Day 11 – Touhou with the best backstory

With so little canonical material for Touhou it’s neigh impossible to simply choose a character for their back story. Many characters pop up for just a quick fight and then are never seen again leaving only the mountains of fan material to decipher what has happened.
I guess that’s part of the magic of Touhou, you make what you want of it.

But then on the other hand, there’s Alice…

Alice first made her debut appearing in Mystic Square, calling herself “The Magician of Makai” where she’s the first person you meet in Makai who tries to stop you. She then later reappears as the extra stage boss armed with “The Grimoire of Alice”.

“Alice is a little special as a character of the Touhou Series”


Makai in its existence is essentially an alternative dimension to Gensokyo created by Shinki along with all of it’s inhabitants. You could easily come to the conclusion that Alice was created by Shinki, hence all the mother-daughter fandom that’s created between them. But later on for the Windows canon Akyuu claims Alice was once a human before becoming a magician, which probably meant she is not a native of Makai. It would go hand in hand of ZUN’s love of English classics as it would quite literally meant little Alice stumbled down the rabbit hole into Makai, a wondrous reference to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice and Shinki must have some form of bond as Makai is filled to the brim with a toxic miasma which without Shinki’s aid Alice would have perished.
With all the colourful characters in Makai along with it probably following whatever laws of physics Shinki wants, it would most certainly be a wonderland. Alas all that comes to end when Alice re-appears in Perfect Cherry Blossom grown up and manipulating a small detachment of dolls as the seven-coloured puppeteer. It can only be speculated how she became a magician in such a short period of time with Marisa being left far behind in terms of magical development. It’s of little doubt that it was from the aid of her Grimoire and Shinki-sama~