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Day 1 Touhou Challenge, my favourite Touhou character. Mima!

Day 1 – Favourite Touhou

So many characters, so many to choose from… Well it can be none other than the wonderful evil spirit Mima!
What more can I say? There’s something appealing about a devastatingly evil character who holds an aura of mystery around them.

“Mima? Mima!? Of all the inhabitants of Gensokyo you choose Mima!?”


To be honest I didn’t think too much of her during Highly Responsive to Prayers, but after Story of Eastern Wonderland her character starts to shine. especially so in Mystic Square where she literally trolls her way through Makai leaving a path of devastation in her wake in the name of being ‘God of the Human World’.

To top it off she does get a rather energetic and lovable Marisa as her apprentice, so what more could you ask for?