Mima Disrupts Sunday Service

Sunday Service

“——Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy w—w—What!?”
In a small remote church just bordering the Hakurei barrier a slight deviation from the normal service occurs when a blinding ball of light descends through the spire and settles on the alter. The congregation literally fall out of their pews in shock, the priest falls to his knees and claps his hands in prayer; is this the second coming of Christ?

The bright light slowly begins to dissipate and sitting there seductively with her wings stretched outright Mima lets out a howling cackle. “Well then, just who were you expecting?” Fear and dread suddenly fill the church as the congregation scream out in horror, “Demon… Heresy… Witch!!!”.

Mima smiles at their cries and replies to them in joy “Ahhh well, you’re almost there I guess~♥. You should add evil spirit to that list to top it off!”. Her comment pushes them over the edge as in a stampede they begin to evacuate the church. The poor priest faints at the sight as Mima laughs at the chaos she’s just created.

Yakumo Yukari always lurking around the Hakurei Shrine

Yakumo Yukari… Why are you always here!?

Yakumo Yukari… The Youkai of Boundaries… With such an ungodly amount of power and shikigami to do her bidding… Why does she have to spend so much time at my shrine!? She doesn’t even donate any money towards the shrine! You couldn’t even begin to understand how annoying it is to have a lazy youkai lurking around in the shadows opening gaps around the place and misplacing my things on a whim. The worst part is you can’t even get any privacy without a head appearing from out of one of those ghastly holes…

The wonderful evil spirit Mima!

The ‘wonderful’ evil spirit Mima returns!

Ahh, how long has it been now since I’ve felt the cool breeze of winter against my cheek? Far too long by any means! Hah you could never keep me locked away in that pathetic hokora forever Hakurei Maiden!
I do say, it’s time to have some fun! A little bit of chaos, a little bit of discord and perhaps a nice cup of tea, sounds perfect to me. We’re just going to have to ‘share’ this site now aren’t we Reimu? Muwhahahahaha!

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