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Pissed off Reimu

First Donations of Summer!

“Aha! Excellent! The warm summer’s weather has brought out visitors and with that donations~ There’s always that horrible lapse between spring and summer, but people are remembering me again.

Ahh let’s see here, Eeeeh? What!? Tissues? They’ve put their stinking, snotty tissues in my donation box? How the hell am I meant to buy food with this crap, I’m certainly not eating it… You’re meant to donate money, not your body fluids! After all the things I do for these people, they could at least donate some bloody coi—
Oh, there’s a ¥5000 note in here, at least that’s something I guess….”

Yakumo Yukari always lurking around the Hakurei Shrine

Yakumo Yukari… Why are you always here!?

Yakumo Yukari… The Youkai of Boundaries… With such an ungodly amount of power and shikigami to do her bidding… Why does she have to spend so much time at my shrine!? She doesn’t even donate any money towards the shrine! You couldn’t even begin to understand how annoying it is to have a lazy youkai lurking around in the shadows opening gaps around the place and misplacing my things on a whim. The worst part is you can’t even get any privacy without a head appearing from out of one of those ghastly holes…