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Danmaku Amanojaku ~ Impossible Spell Card

Danmaku Amanojaku ~ Impossible Spell Card

It features Seija Kijin as the playable character, and as Seija is a very underhanded character, the player is allowed to use various “cheat items” to progress through the game. Rather a unique gameplay feature for the Touhou series, the items you get are:

  • Bloodthirsty Yin-Yang Orb, allowing her to teleport,
  • Tengu’s Toy Camera, allowing her to clear bullets using photographs,
  • Gap Folding Umbrella, allowing her to teleport to the other side of the screen (vertical and horizontal),
  • Miracle Mallet Replica, allowing her to swipe the space in front of her, dealing damage to the boss if she is close enough,
  • Substitute Jizo, allowing her to survive one hit,
  • Cursed Decoy Doll, allowing her to lead aimed bullets away,
  • Four-Foot Magic Bomb, allowing her to clear bullets,
  • Ghastly Send-Off Lantern, allowing her to become invincible for a short period of time,
  • Nimble Fabric, allowing her to become invincible for the duration of button press, during which she can’t move.

You should be able to download the game from Moriya Shrine Weebly It doesn’t seem like it’s been translated yet, but the Touhou Patch Centre will have the translation shortly.


Touhou 14.3 Cover

Touhou 14.3 Reimu

Touhou 14.3 Items

Touhou 14.3 Sekibanki

Pissed off Reimu

First Donations of Summer!

“Aha! Excellent! The warm summer’s weather has brought out visitors and with that donations~ There’s always that horrible lapse between spring and summer, but people are remembering me again.

Ahh let’s see here, Eeeeh? What!? Tissues? They’ve put their stinking, snotty tissues in my donation box? How the hell am I meant to buy food with this crap, I’m certainly not eating it… You’re meant to donate money, not your body fluids! After all the things I do for these people, they could at least donate some bloody coi—
Oh, there’s a ¥5000 note in here, at least that’s something I guess….”

ZUN is having a child!

The child of ZUN?



Wife should be on maternity leave from May. There is no work and only about to tweet at a loose end is the wife is making dinner

My my, it looks like ZUN is having a child, the next generation of ZUN has begun! I wonder what hat he’ll give his child? Alas, hopefully he’ll still have the time to create Touhou games.

Only time will tell~ Congratulations.

Day 29 Touhou Challenge, Why do you like the Touhou Series?

Day 30 – Why do you like the Touhou series in general?

Not many game series have managed to span across two decades, sure the PC98 era wasn’t extremely popular in its time, but since the dawn of the Windows era the following has grown exponentially.

Throughout the Touhou games you are presented with a large selection of characters each with their own miniscule backstory and soundtrack. With that small amount of information you can then build upon each character’s personality and history and shape it to how you want. Very few things are restricted by the lore and even then you can choose to ignore what you don’t want. It’s for this very reason that many Touhou fans say they despise other Touhou fans as they’re not true fans. Well, by all regards this just further emphasises just how Touhou can be perceived in many forms.

“ZUN traded his artistic talent so he could compose awesome music”

Not only that but Touhou sports a huge collection of music, with most bosses having their own theme as well as each stage. That huge collection is then complimented by the huge amount of fan music available for Touhou. I myself have over 47 thousand tracks spanning in excess of 300GB.

The insurmountable collection of images and stories wrote for Touhou is just an amazing bonus to any fan. I could probably spend a long time detailing each and every single thing I love, but I feel this shall do for now. An’ with that, this ends the 30 Day Touhou challenge!

Day 29 Touhou Challenge, Touhou you'd switch lives with, Suika!

Day 29 – Touhou you’d switch lives with

The free-spirited Oni, Suika Ibuki of cause!
What more could you want, wondering around the land of illusions perpetually enjoying yourself with a gourd of sake at hand. To laze around the Hakurei shrine or even venture forth into heaven itself on a bit of a whim is irresistible. It’s merely bonus points for being ridiculously powerful and having the ability to manipulate your own density and sparseness to be that of mist or even a giant!