Hakurei Reimu from Touhou 13 Ten Desires

Hakurei Reimu

Reimu is a straightforward, optimistic, and somewhat curious shrine maiden. As a shrine maiden in Gensokyo she’s often solving the endless supply of incidents and mysteries that arise. During what she calls times of ‘bordom’ she’ll often laze around the shrine pondering why it gets so few visitors.

As friendly as she may be, she’s often very quick to anger and can be seen spewing out her irritation in a passionate colourful rant.

The Evil Spirit Mima


Mima on the other hand is nothing like Reimu. She’s a vengeful spirit who’s been haunting the Hakurei shrine longer than most people can remember. Her sharp tongue and wit often comes over as being highly offensive which has caused numerous clashes with the resident shrine maiden.

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